Ellis Henican

OnCopyright 2012 Emcee

Ellis Henican is a columnist for Newsday and a political analyst at the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. During the past two years, in addition to his personal, opinionated look at the news of the day in his weekly column, he has written two New York Times bestsellers, Home Team with New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton and In the Blink of an Eye with NASCAR legend Michael Waltrip. Before taking on his current assignment, Henican wrote Newsday's subway column, leading the paper to a Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the Union Square train wreck.

In recent years, Henican has built a strong presence on television and radio. In his 12th year as an on-air contributor at the Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network, Henican is known for his lively take on the news and for dissecting complex issues in an engaging way. Each weekend The Ellis Henican Show, syndicated to stations across the country by Talk Radio Network, takes a loose, comedic look at the issues of the week. He is also the voice of "Stormy" on the hit Cartoon Network series Sealab 2021.

His work has been recognized with the Meyer Berger Award for Distinguished Writing about New York City, the National Clarion Award for Column Writing and shares of two Pulitzer Prizes for Spot News.